“Ten-cent words for a post twenty-five-cent text-message world.”

My attempts at vocabulary building often end tragically. Word lists host hordes of common words or specialized bits of technical jargon and few of the juicy baubles that make vocab building fun.

Werd Nord gathers up those rare treats. Culled from the recesses of dictionaries, other languages, antiquity and burgeoning slang, this word list strives to make useless gimcrackery at least somehow useful. They’re words I’d like to see used more or, at least, think other content craftspeople should have in their toolshed.

Each word is presented with its definition, a flourished argument for its use, an example of that use, and a link to something that makes the word relevant. Sometimes this link provides a topic of conversation in which the word would be useful, sometimes it just showcases a clever use of the word.

All research and writing is done by me, as well as design. It utilizes the Cargo Theme for Tumblr.

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