When video recording was added to DSLR cameras, it seemed like a novelty to a lot of people. But in those early days, a handful of photographers shot short films demonstrating everything that the new feature could do. And then everyone realized that effects that might cost tens of thousands of dollars to achieve were now available to anyone with a good eye for composition.

The catch: DSLRs were still built for still images. Regardless of how serious camera manufacturers viewed the feature, video recording had been an afterthought. Plus, all the tools to improve the gaps in the cameras’ video-capable design were a mystery to traditional photographers.

But there was a revolution afoot.

For a test-and-learn content marketing campaign at Calumet Photographic, I saw the opportunity to develop a starter’s guide for photographers looking to turn their DSLRs into full-fledged filmmaking rigs. With the viral power of infographics on the rise, an illustrated diagram seemed to be the perfect format. The simple yet stylish approach allowed Calumet to utilize the guide as an interactive shopping experience online, supplemental content in its sales magazine, and a customer-facing sales reference in retail stores. Illustrated by 5W Infographics with my writing and direction, Anatomy of an HDSLR Rig quickly seized attention.

It’s an eye-catching piece (and the writing is tight & efficient), but I think its greatest strength was its cross-channel functionality – the ability for a customer to explore the diagram online and show up in a store for additional support based on the same content.

Created for Calumet Photo